About Us

The Orion Organisation has been in existence since 1982 and is globally recognised as a well organised and run organisation and has been part of the creation of futures for thousands of people with disabilities who have been part of our centre over the years.

Great strides and achievements have been recorded at Orion; these thanks to the support of our partners, stakeholders, donors and incredible volunteers. We have also received many special recognition awards for our outstanding services and programmes over the years. Orion Organisation is a duly constituted Non-Profit Organisation and Non-profit Company with Public Benefit status.

The organisation is based in Atlantis, Western Cape, South Africa – approximately 50km from the city of Cape Town. Atlantis is an industrial and residential area with a population of more than 200 000 people. Traditionally Atlantis is seen as a low income area, where a large proportion of the population consists of previously disadvantaged, unemployed South Africans.

Our Focus

The organisation is dedicated to caring and providing for the educational, training and therapeutic needs of children, youth and adults living with physical, psychosocial challenges, intellectual and neurological disabilities.

Our Vision

Orion Organisation creates futures for people with disabilities through the provision of professional therapeutic and development services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sustain and grow the team that trains and inspires the disabled in our community to reach their full potential, and to continue building networks to facilitate the placement of people with disabilities in the open labour market. Orion Organisation will always provide the support that families need in order for them to assume responsibility for the home-based care of their disabled family member or members. Through our dedicated service to our clients, our customers and our community, Orion Organisation will continue to inspire those around us.