Orion - The ArtBoyz

Welcome to The ArtBoyz

Different bodies, Different minds, incredible passion and a touch of magic through their brushes. They move silently - often ignored by society, but they paint our realities They move us,
They inspire us, They brighten our days.

They are the Art Boyz of Orion Organisation NPC

Through you contributions towards the Art programme we are able to continue and develop our wonderful artists. We are always in need of canvasses/paints/brushes and if you would like to purchase any of our artists work – please feel free to peruse our ONLINE store here.

We have uploaded the image with a description and the name of the artist, as well as the actual dimenions of each piece – your purchase and pay online and we will package and ship directly to you. The price of shipping or local delivery is not included in the price.

To watch a short inpirational video about the Orion Artboyz, click on the first image in the gallery.