How to assist


Volunteer time to assist with Children’s Day Care:

This would include helping with daily classroom activities, feeding the children and helping the class teachers and assistants with whatever needs to be done in order to ensure that the children fully benefit from each days programs.

Volunteer time to assist with admin:

This would typically include database research, donor research, filing and other tasks which are associated with the day to day running of our organisation.

Volunteer in our art department:

If you are creative and enjoy painting and creative activities then we would love you to come and assist our adults in the Art Department.


Come and visit on weekends, help with activities for the some 75 adults who permanently live on the property. There is not always much entertainment and things to occupy the residents on the weekend, so please do chat to us and help us get some activities up and running.


If you are a sports enthusiast please come and get involved in our sports program. We would like to develop our soccer and netball teams. The aim of which is to promote inclusivity through sport and hosting various sports matches between the Orion Sports Teams and teams from clubs in and around Atlantis.

General Property Maintenance/DIY/Gardening:

If you have any skills from gardening, painting, maintenance, renovations, woodwork, knowledge of setting up and growing vegetable gardens, plumbing, glass fitting etc. – There is always a need for work to be done at Orion.

Donate Goods:

We would welcome goods such as food, clothing, toiletries, treats, toys, art suppliers – just imagine the kind of things you would need in your home – we need the same or you could donate goods that we could sell at the local markets and make a profit.

Contract Work:

If your business currently outsources work such as; packing, boxing, assembly, etc. – our work centre is well equipped to deal with your particular needs and we have a long history of great work ethic and long standing clients. Please consider us for these types of jobs.

Financial Contributions:

In order to continue providing our high level of professional services and care we employ 54 staff members in order to do this. As government subsidies continue drop, we are always in need of additional funding to ensure we can keep offering our service to the broader community of the Western Cape.

Capital Contributions:

We still have a considerable amount of ground at Orion that can be developed so that we can open up additional facilities and offer more accommodation in the future. Our immediate capital need right now is to assist us in updating the existing homes, fixing any structural issues, painting and updating the interior of each home.

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Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Atlantis

Branch Code: 198-765

Account Number: 103 021 991 5

You can also donate by using SnapScan. Scan the QR Code with your phone.

Other ways to support:

Mandela Day is not just about 67 minutes – it’s about the spirit and belief that kindness and sharing can change the world. Please support our BackaBuddy Campaign

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