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Disabling the Disabled

10 May, 2017

Disabling the disabled is something you can change!

In a country chronically plagued by high unemployment (somewhere between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 adults are unemployed in the 18-64 age bracket), the employment of people with disabilities is often overlooked as they are excluded from the normal economy and society either by their disability or the prejudices the disabled face.

According to the World Report on Disability (2011), disabled persons have a far less chance of being employed, with similar trends observed in job advancement and security.

Titanium Paint Donation

11 November, 2016

Titanium Paint Donation

Titanium paint located in Brackenfell generously donated 10 x 20L drums of paint to Orion Organisation. The donation was kindly organised for us by the Rotary Club of Durbanville.

Pictured at the handover are (L-R) Tony Robson (Pres. Durbanville Rotary Club), Fabian Brandt (Orion aux. services manager), Rotarian Graham Harmsworth, Rotarian Peter Vurgarellis, Hannl Cronje (CEO, Orion) and Stéan Hauptfleisch (Titanium Paint, Brackenfell).

Orms Sponsors Posters

20 September, 2016

Orms Helping create futures with us

We recently launched our I AM ORION campaign which introduces some of our wonderful people with their personal messages and insights about what we do and how we do it.

Creating the campaign was so much fun, but we needed a partner to join us to actually print the A1 poster campaign. We are delighted to introduce you to our “creative and printing” partner on this project- ORMS Printing & Framing...

Adoption without the RED Tap

9 September, 2016

Murder in a Bottle- FAS

In an undisclosed tavern, a woman drinks with her boyfriend and some friends. Unbeknownst to her over a month ago she fell pregnant, she missed her period but is too scared to take a pregnancy test. Inside her body, the alcohol she is drinking (and will continue to drink throughout pregnancy) will ravage the developing brain of her baby. Children born..

Mandela Day 2016

20 July, 2016

Mandela Day 2016

Orion Organisation NPC, based in Atlantis, Western Cape were selected by the Western Cape SAPS to share Mandela Day with not just 67 minutes, but every day by being an integral part of this wonderful organisation that provides futures for the physically and psychosocial challengesly disabled in the community.

Today was merely an additional celebratory day of fun, food and some wonderful donations collected by the officers in their personal capacity and handed over to Orion.

SAPS Acting Provincial Commissioner, Major General Burger (left) with some of his team handed over some much needed food/clothing and blankets to Hannl Cronje, CEO Orion Organisation NPC as part of their Mandela Day celebrations. The SAPS teams have supported and been part of the Orion community for almost 38 years.

Lindt chocolate delight

6 June, 2016

Lindt chocolate delight

Lindt chocolate surprised all the residents and staff of Orion Organisation NPC with the HUGE selection of delectable chocolate delights. These scrumptious treats are so welcome giving all our residents lovely treats for a good few weeks to come. We happily shared them out with all residents and staff and then some. At our recent sports day we used some of the incredible Lindt & Lindor gift boxes of delights as prizes – of course on the day everyone was a winner! We are so grateful to Lindt for their generosity and for always keeping us in their minds and hearts. A special thank you to, Lindt Master Chocolatier - Dimo Simatos for making this donation possible.

Adoption without the RED Tap

30 May, 2016

Adoption without the RED Tape

Adoption is the act of taking something on as your own. Adoption usually refers to the legal process of becoming a non-biological parent, but it also refers to the act of embracing ideas, habits, or new business ideas and for most of us is something we struggle to embrace..

Two Sides to a Coin

5 May, 2016

A Coin has two sides

Prejudice and stereotypes are only dispelled when actively challenged, whether it is racism, sexism, homophobia or any other of the myriad of ways humans discriminate against one another, often due to ignorance...

Diesel Digital Logo

25 April, 2016

Getting your branding right!

A giant thank to Martene Miller of Diesel Digital for sponsoring our stunning new business cards. If you ever need any printing done please call Martene on (021) 556 1433 or visit her website by clicking the button below - working together to create futures for people with disabilities!

LitNet Logo

4 April, 2016

Kry kos uit die rommel

Tel die rommel in die straat op. Dis die eerste stap na ’n volhoubare tuin wat vir jou vir vyftien jaar van kos sal voorsien. Motorbande is ’n pes, want ’n mens mag dit nie weggooi nie, so daar lê hope van die goed rond in Atlantis.

Ons het verlede week ‘n groentetuin geskep wat vir vyftien jaar lank sal vrugbaar wees en dit het ons nie ’n sent gekos nie.


3 April, 2016

Groente en vrugte vir Atlantis

Atlantis, 2 April 2016 - 'n Inwoner van Atlantis is besig om haar gemeenskap aan te moedig om volhoubare tuine te kweek. Annie Petersen wil met haar projek ook help om dié sukkelende gemeenskap te bemagtig.

SABC News Logo

2 April, 2016

SABC News: Residents of Atlantis produce own vegetables

Residents of Atlantis on the West Coast say they can now produce their own vegetables thanks to the help of community leader, Annie Petersen, who introduced compost gardening in the area.

Petersen teaches them how to make compost using cardboard, newspapers and other waste material, except plastic.

Maroela Media

1 April, 2016

Atlantis: “Iets goeds kan hier gebore word” | Maroela Media

Dit is al soveel keer bewys dat ʼn mens se omstandighede nie jou toekoms in die lewe bepaal nie – maak nie saak hoe haglik jou omstandighede is nie, jy kan iets besonders doen, of iets vir iemand beteken.

Dis met dié gees wat Annie Peterson, gemeenskapsleier en die Voorsitter van die ATKV-tak op Atlantis, haar gemeenskap bemagtig.

City of Cape Town, Sports and Recreation Department in Atlantis

24 February, 2016

City of Cape Town spoils Orion’s older folk

A team of 6 women from the City of Cape Town, Sports and Recreation Department in Atlantis, recently pampered and treated Orion’s elderly.

While the old folk received pedicures, manicures and hair treatments, some of the men even received a professional “shave”. Says our CEO, Hannl Cronjé:It was indeed a fabulous morning of fun and laughter - enjoyed by all. A million thanks to Karen Arendse and her team.

German Physiotherapists

24 February, 2016

Orion welcomes German physiotherapists

Two qualified physiotherapists from Essen in Germany have volunteered their services to the children at our Wilge Day Care centre for the next 6 months. According to Hannl Cronjé a leading German businessman and longstanding friend and donor to Orion, Gert Michael, facilitated the visit of the physiotherapists. “We would like to thank Mr. Michael for his continuous efforts in this regard and at the same time wish Saskia and Anne the very best for their visit to Orion”, she added.

Hisense Logo

24 February, 2016

Caring donation by Hisense truly appreciated

Although Hisense’s manufacturing plant in Atlantis Industria was only established in June 2013, this leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances has reached out to Orion in various ways in order to empower and improve the quality of life for those living with disabilities in our group housing facilities.

Between December 2015 and January this year Hisense reached out to Orion by donating a wide variety of products to the value of R35 000 including televisions, tablets, microwave ovens, fridges, coolers, bar fridges as well as washing machines.

Says Hannl Cronjé, our CEO:We are sincerely grateful for their much-needed assistance and look forward to growing our relationship in the future."

Lesedi Logo

24 February, 2016

Lesedi Sponsors Training

Lesedi Nuclear Services in Cape Town recently donated a generous amount of R230 000 to our organisation. A total of R150 000 of the donation has been earmarked to hone the business and management skills of Orion’s senior management as part of our enterprise development. The business empowerment training will be managed by SAREBI (South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator) in three stages. The balance of the donation will be used to help defray Orion’s rising operational costs.

Says Hannl Cronjé, our CEO:As a non-profit organisation that has had to deal with the a steep decline in revenue over the past few years, Lesedi’s selfless donation not only offers a welcome relief to our running costs, but will at the same time make a huge difference to the empowerment of our senior personnel. Thank you for making such a huge difference to the lives of those who cannot take care of themselves.

Financial Strain

12 February, 2016

Financial strain can cause human drain

The constant strain of keeping the doors open of an NGO, NPO or NPC, or any business entity for that matter, takes its toll on all within the organization. Uncertainty and financial stability...

Hisense Logo

04 February, 2016

Hisense SA Sponsorship

Orion Organisation received a wonderful donation from Hisense SA of a new TV, washing machine, fridge and 2 microwaves to replace older ones in one of our residential homes.

Hollywood Bets Supports Orion

4 February, 2016

Hollywood Bets supports Orion

When you least expect it, but really need an urgent donation of plastic kitchen goods and general containers for everyday use in our kitchens and group homes, an organisation arrives quietly with over R10 000 worth of goods for you. Despite their glamorous name – Hollywood Bets (Atlantis branch) arrived with no fanfare and delivered what we needed.

Diminishing Funds

03 February, 2016

Diminishing Funds

A Severe drop of some 40% in donations from the private sector, exacerbated by a noticeable decrease of 11% in government subsidies last year are some of the stark challenges facing the Orion Organisation, a Non-Profit Company (NPO) in Atlantis that...

Shining Light

07 September, 2015

Shining a Light of Hope

Unfortunately, many people – either due to ignorance or complacency – do not think about the many people who are disabled in some way. These disabilities can be physical or psychosocial challenges, some are born this way, others through accident. What all these people have in common is a difficulty in getting involved in the economy...