Our Financial Reality

Post Covid-19 pandemic, financial support from all institutes, organisations and companies have declined, leaving a shortfall in our budget requirements.

The subsidy projection from the Department of Social Development and the Department of Health is determined year on year as per the budget speech.

The income generation from the Protective Work Centre has been projected in excess of R1 mil year on year.

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Banking Details

Bank: Nedbank Branch: Atlantis Branch code: 198 765 Account number: 103 021 991 5


Secure and Adopt a Future

Orion Organisation NPC would like to request that you consider a working partnership with us in order to continue and expand the work that we are doing for people with disabilities in Atlantis. Our most pressing challenge is to ensure that we have funding available to pay the operational salaries of the 54 staff members in our employ.

Without the staff and team of professionals that we currently have on board we will not be in a position to provide the high level of care and development programs that we do for persons with disabilities. The amount budgeted for salaries and contributions for each year is projected to be R4.8 million.

Collaboration with YOU

We can work collaboratively with you in identifying either individuals in our care and the team that supports them or you can choose to work and sponsor an entire care and development division within Orion Organisation NPC i.e. Adopt our Day-Care or Adopt a Skills – let’s find the best fit for your organisation and work in tandem to grow and develop both our businesses together.

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The Art Boyz

Incredible Passion with a Touch of Magic

Different bodies, Different Minds, Incredible Passion and a Touch of Magic through their brushes. They move silently – often ignored by society, but they paint our realities.

They move us, They inspire us, They brighten our days.

They are the Art Boyz of Orion Organisation NPC.

Art Therapy Programme

Through you contributions towards the Art programme we are able to continue and develop our wonderful artists. We are always in need of canvasses/ paints/brushes and if you would like to purchase any of our artists work – please feel free to peruse our ONLINE store.

We have uploaded the image with a description and the name of the artist, as well as the actual dimenions of each piece – your purchase and pay online and we will package and ship directly to you. The price of shipping or local delivery is not included in the price.

Watch a short inspirational video about the Orion Artboyz.


Yearly Auctions are conducted during our Gala and Golf Day Fundraising Events.

During these events our Art Boyz artwork are showcased and auction off. Do you want to be the next proud of owner of an Orion Art Boyz piece?

Ensure to follow our events, auctions, exhibitions to see what beauties are availabe!

Food Security & Improved Nutrition

Self-Sustainability Project

In support of Orion Organisation’s strategic mission to become self-sustainable, we have identified our Food Security & Improved Nutrition Project. A portion of land on our premises has been identified for this purpose.

Orion has been land cleared and is ready for our beneficiaries to begin. Grosvenor is already in production and we are
planning with their existing production plan and will improve on it with the beneficiaries. All deliverables regarding land clearing has been
completed and we have identified good quality land to develop with the beneficiaries.

Skills Development & Training

Training has start on a very positive note. All beneficiaries buy into the learning direction we presented and are excited to start practical work. Orion
training venue was used.

We started with an Introduction class to farming and business. This contained the overview of our business and farming components.


Support our Food Security & Improved Nutrition Project. Contact us to find how you can help.

Fresh lettuce from our gardens
Constructing our tunnel for herbs, tomatoes and more veggies