Who we are

A short overview of our facilities

An overview of Orion Organisation NPC

Orion Organisation is a registered non-profit organisation operating as a non-profit company. We are based in Atlantis, on the West Coast, about 50km from Cape Town, South Africa.

The organisation serve children, youth and adults with disabilities and have started operating in 1982. We operate on a professional business model in effective ways to deliver the highest quality of services to our beneficiaries (our core reason for existence).

We are governed by a Board of 3 Directors who are knowledgeable business people with relevant skills to make sound business decisions towards distribution of funds and donations.

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Mr Hendry Fortuin

Treasurer: Mr Alan Smith

Member: Mr Vernon Titus

CEO – Ex Officio: Mr Gerrit Matthyse

Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer: Mr Gerrit Matthyse

Manager Corporate Services: Ms Mary-Ann Rhodes

Manager Social Services: Vacant position

Manager Business Development & Services: Mr Ben Lewies

Manager Auxiliary Services: Mr Fabian Brandt

Non-Executive Team

Senior Fundraising & Marketing Officer: Ms Pauline Steenkamp

Marketing Ambassador: Ms Carol Arendse